Video: Nils Steuber at BUCS Final 8's 2010 -

Video: Nils Steuber at BUCS Final 8’s 2010

Northumbria’s Nils Steuber is the kind of guy you look at in warm ups and think you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, as opposing teams throughout BUCS have found this season, if you don’t guard him he’ll kill you. At 6’7, 260lbs ‘Stoobs’ is a big body that is hard to shift when he has position on the low block, mixed in with great hands, solid footwork and a nose for the ball, he went through periods of dominating teams at the Final 8’s, finishing as the fourth highest scorer on the weekend.

He’s currently in the process of trying to secure a scholarship to the States for next season, so he paid me to whip this together for him, check it out and drop a comment!


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