Men's BUCS Basketball Final 8's Top Twenty Leading Scorers -

Men’s BUCS Basketball Final 8’s Top Twenty Leading Scorers

Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie Leading Scorers

Albert Margai, Ladi Brown, Mike Medved and Adrian Fenyn all feature in the top 20 leading scorers on the weekend

Recieved all the scoresheets through from the BUCS Men’s Basketball Final 8’s yesterday and took it upon myself to put through a leading scorers table (as that is the only stat that is available!) and top performances of the weekend. If you have any individual enquiries about players, drop a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Top 20 Leading Scorers from Men’s BUCS Basketball Final 8’s

(averages over 3 games)

1) Adrian Fenyn (Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie) 29.3
2) Steven Danley (Oxford) 27.3
3) Kastytis Normantas (Worcester) 25.3
4) Nils Steuber (Northumbria) 24.3
5) Arturo Noha (London Metropolitan) 22.3
6) Paul Elderkin (Durham) 20.3
7) Jeffrey Danchie (London Metropolitan) 20
8) Chris Pearce (Northumbria) 17.6
9) Dave Ajumobi (LSBU) 16
10) Chris Carroll (Loughborough) 15.6
11) Reed Doucette (Oxford) 14.3
12) Avelino Antonio (LSBU) 13.6
13) Scott Morton (Durham) 13.3
14) Ladi Brown (Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie) 13
15) Anthony Trigg (Durham) 12.6
16) Michael Medved (Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie) 12.3
16) Karolis Bauza (Oxford) 12.3
16) Emeka Obanye (London Metropolitan) 12.3
19) Albert Margai (Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie) 12
20) Michael Davies (Durham) 11.6

Top Ten Individual Performances from Men’s BUCS Basketball Final 8’s

1) Adrian Fenyn vs Durham 39
2) Steven Danley vs Leeds Met 36
3) Kastytis Normantas vs Oxford 35
4) Nils Steuber vs Loughborough 31
5) Steven Danley vs Worcester 30
6) Adrian Fenyn vs LSBU 28
7) Nils Steuber vs Durham 26
7) Paul Elderkin vs Northumbria 26
7) Jeffrey Danchie vs Loughborough 26
10) Modestas Sidlaukas vs London Metropolitan 25

Notes/Random Thoughts

  • There were only two players who broke the 20 point mark in every game they played, Leed Metropolitan’s Adrian Fenyn (39, 21, 28) and London Metropolitan’s Arturo Noha (22, 21, 24)
  • The only player to break the 30 point barrier more than once was Oxford’s Steven Danley, with 36 vs Leeds Met and 30 vs Worcester.
  • There is not one British player in the top 5 scorers (though 5 through 10 are all British), and only 2 in the top ten individual performances.
  • Modestas Sidlaukas if not for being injured early into his second game and then not playing again, would have likely been in the top 5 after dropping 25 in his first game, and 8 in the limited minutes he played before getting injured.
  • Looking over individual player averages, Leeds Met really are not deep outside of their starting 5.
  • No surprise to see Adrian Fenyn number one after his tear this season in EBL D1.
  • Durham have the most balanced scoring out of any of the teams, with a number of players hitting double digits over the weekend.
  • Nils Steuber was on no-ones radar going in to the Final 8’s and surprised a lot of people.
  • Worcester’s Kastytis Normantas and Loughborough’s Dave Holland were tied with the most three’s in a game over the weekend, both hitting 6 in separate performances.
  • There was a lot of poor free throw shooting over the Final 8’s. Danley could have had 40+ vs Leeds Met after missing 6, whilst a number of other players missed some crucial free throws (Zoltan Supola missed 3 straight in the closing minutes of the final, Roy Owen missed 4 in crunch time of one of Worcester’s games).


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