Video: Bode Adeluola Drops 43 in BUCS Basketball -

Video: Bode Adeluola Drops 43 in BUCS Basketball

So I was back home with the parents in Eastbourne and it just so happened to be a Wednesday. Thought I’d do a quick check if the University of Brighton basketball team were playing (they have an Eastbourne campus where a lot of their sports are based including basketball)..just so happened they were and were playing against Kingston, a team who had been tearing apart the South Eastern 1a conference.

After some last minute phone calls to get permission, I headed down…it worried me that 5 minutes before tip there were only 4 players warming up for Kingston whilst Brighton had a full team of at least 12 (it looked like more). On speaking to Bode Adeluola, one of their players had ended up going to Brighton (which so I’m told, happens at least once a week across different sports) and wouldn’t arrive for a while yet. The refs didn’t want to wait anymore so said Kingston would have to play with 4. And that’s exactly what they did..4 vs 5 (well really 12). At the end of the third with Kingston actually leading comfortably (WTF?!) their 5th showed up, checked into the game, and a minute or two into the fourth one of Kingston’s players fouled out so they were back to 4!

End result? Kingston win by over 20 with no coach and just 4 players, Bode Adeluola drops 43!

One of the more unusual games I’ve ever watched, check out from 0.35s to 0.43s with a comparison of both teams during timeout haha!


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