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Women’s BUCS Basketball Final 8’s Top 20 Leading Scorers

Stef Collins UWIC

UWIC's Stef Collins, MVP of the final and one of the weekends leading scorers

After three days of top flight women’s basketball, here are the Top Twenty Leading Scorers and Top Ten Individual Performances from the Women’s BUCS Basketball Final 8’s. If you have any individual enquiries about players, drop a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Top 20 Leading Scorers from Women’s BUCS Basketball Final 8’s

(averages over 3 games)

1) Ta’Yani Clark (Northumbria) 24.7
2) Loui Hall (Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie)
Christina Grima (Sheffield Hallam) 19.3
Kara Dougall (Loughborough) 17.7
5) Mia Spasowska (UWIC)
6) Joanna Clayden (Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie)
Stef Collins (UWIC) 15
Tereza Prouzova (London South Bank) 15
Megan Hoffman (UWIC) 14.7
Ijeoma Ofomata (London South Bank) 14.7
Josephine Magimomo (London South Bank) 14
Agnes Razanaka (London Metropolitan) 13.7
Beth Lonsdale (Northumbria) 13.3
Ruth Davision (Northumbria) 13
15) Lavinia Da Silva (London South Bank) 12.7
16) Rachel James (London South Bank) 12.3
17) Ella Hewton (Loughborough)
18) Sarah Wagstaff (UWIC)
19) Kate Loftus (Sheffield Hallam) 11.3
20) Abi Scott (Northumbria) 10.7

Top Ten Individual Performances from Women’s BUCS Basketball Final 8’s

1) Loui Hall (Leeds Met Carnegie) vs UWIC 37
2) Ta’yani Clark (Northumbria) vs Sheffield Hallam 33 (including 7 three pointers)
3) Kara Dougall (Loughborough) vs Sheffield Hallam 28
4) Stef Collins (UWIC) vs Leeds Metropolitan 27
5) Josephine Magimomo (LSBU) vs Northumbria 26
6) Ta’yani Clark (Northumbria) vs London South Bank 24
7) Sarah Wagstaff (UWIC) vs Loughborough 24
8) Tereza Prozvoua (LSBU) vs Northumbria 23 (including 5 three pointers)
9)  Ruth Davison  (Northumbria) vs Brighton 22
10)  Christina Grima (Sheffield Hallam) vs London Met 22

Notes/Random Thoughts

  • Honorable mentions to both Ella Hewton who had 21 against Brighton and Joanna Clayden who also got 21 against London Met.
  • Ta’Yani Clark must have had about 20 rebounds a game….as a guard!
  • Loui Hall could not be stopped inside, she was just as effective passing the ball as she was finishing around the basket.
  • I still can’t believe that BUCS didn’t take full stats on any of the games, even the final.
  • UWIC had four of their players in the Top 10 scorers and five within the Top 20, such a solid line up.
  • Stef Collins crashes the boards really well, a complete player, well deserved MVP of the final.
    Image Credit: stillsport.com

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