Video: Midnight Madness Liverpool Qualifier -

Video: Midnight Madness Liverpool Qualifier

For the 4th Midnight Madness run of the Summer, the tour headed down from Newcastle to Liverpool. The one person everyone was talking about that day was Raheem ‘The Dream’ May-Thompson. The 6’5 player who has recently joined Quinnipiac stateside is a straight up baller. Dominating the Under 18’s and Under 23’s on the defensive end with his ridiculous shot blocking ability (Raheem May-Thompson block party vid dropping soon) and on the offensive end with his smooth skills, being able to hit the mid-range jumper and mix it up inside, Raheem May-Thompson is definitely one to watch for the future (check out his player Diary if you haven’t already).

Other shout outs go to Tom Griffiths in the u23s who played very solidly and smart. Worked the Midnight Madness point scoring system to perfection. Amir Boucenna who showed why he made the final Midnight Madness travelling team (had a SICK crossover that I somehow managed to miss). Eliandro Inacio was straight up BEASTIN’ as always, and Yemi Hassan who threw down some nice dunks at the end of the night (two of which featured in this vid, only player to clear the Midnight Madness board!).

Check out the vid and drop a comment below!

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