Andrew Wiggins Drops Career High 57 in Response to SI Article!

Andrew Wiggins Scores 57 Points

Andrew Wiggins, widely considered the best NBA prospect in the world right now, responded to a negative article written about him in Sports Illustrated with a career high 57 points!

“After that article dropped, I knew I had to respond,” Wiggins said to Fox Sport Ohio. “That was the best way to respond.”

Wiggins was especially upset with the article’s charge that he plays hard only when necessary.

“You’d have to be an idiot to believe that,” Wiggins said.

The 6’7″ Canadian who plays for Huntington Prep went 24 of 28 from the field and added 13 rebounds and 4 blocks. Wiggins was subbed out of the game after breaking Point Pleasant’s school record of 55 points. Hungtington Prep won 111-59.

That morning Coach Rob Fulford knew Wiggins was going to go off, tweeting:

Check the highlights courtesy of Hoopmixtape!

  • voise

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish I was called Wiggins

  • Mike H

    “widely considered the best player in the world not in the NBA”… might just be the worst line I’ve ever seen on your site man, come on!

    • Sorry, that should read prospect not player. My bad. Edited!

      • Lankinkreif

        Ah who cares he prob is the best player outside the nba

        • Rob

          Nah, he’s in high school, calm down.

          • Lankinkreif

            It’s not hard to see the future in this scenario. Yeah he hasn’t been challenged yet but that shouldn’t justify that he won’t be up for it.

  • Ken

    Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker – who do you think is gonna come through with the bigger career?

    • Jermaine

      Andrew Wiggins

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