Grace Strickland wins #HASC24 Three-Point Shootout -

Grace Strickland wins #HASC24 Three-Point Shootout

Grace Strickland became the first female winner of the Hoopsfix All-Star Classic 3-Point Shootout to kickstart the 2024 edition.

The Bella Vista prep school guard beat last year’s champion William Issekya on the buzzer in the final round to finish with a winning score of 12.

Issekya only just advanced to the final itself, also on the buzzer, as his score of 13 was enough for second place in the first round in front of Liv Forster’s 12 and behind Strickland’s 14.

Six contestants tried to claim the sharpshooter title in the mixed gender event with Alix McIntosh, Liv Forster, Khyle Capanzana and Joe Buchanan missing out in the first round.

Full results:

First round: Alix McIntosh 7, Liv Forster 12, Grace Strickland 14, Khyle Capanzana 9, Joe Buchanan 10, William Issekya 13

Final round: Grace Strickland 12, William Issekya 11

Re-watch the 3-Point Shootout below:

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