British Basketball League reveals rebrand ahead of new season -

British Basketball League reveals rebrand ahead of new season

The British Basketball League has unveiled a brand-new identity as it prepares to enter a new era, while also updating its social handles to @britishbasketballleague on Instagram and @britishbasketm on Twitter.

The new logo represents the letter ‘B’ for the British Basketball League, while also incorporating a basketball and hoop, as well as the motion of the ball.

British Basketball League rebrand

It also signifies an attempted move away from the abbreviation of BBL, which has become more associated with the ‘Brazilian butt lift’ cosmetic surgery in recent years.

Fans will see the new brand come to life across all of the Leagues’ channels, including the style and quality of gameday broadcasts and of course, on-court.

With the reveal game a manifesto around their new ‘unbeatable’ mindset:

Introducing Unbeatable: Our New Mindset

With this new identity, we’re setting out to be Unbeatable. This represents what we are as a league and as a sport. But it’s more than just a word… it’s a mindset:

UNBEATABLE is more than just talent with the ball and action on the court – it’s a mindset, and a way of living.
UNBEATABLE is the determination to succeed, to rise up and be your best.
UNBEATABLE is the passion of communities that come together through the game.
UNBEATABLE is a bit rebel, and a lot of hustle.
UNBEATABLE is a British quality: never give up, find the positive and create your own path.

Upon the unveiling of the League’s new identity, British Basketball League’s Head of Marketing, Joe Edwards, said:

“Sharing our new British Basketball League brand identity and the Unbeatable campaign with fans and partners is a huge milestone for the League and something that will help position it as an entertainment and sports leader.

“The new brand has been created to reflect the ambitious growth we have as a League, while championing the mindset and lifestyle that basketball brings.”

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