How to transform your local basketball court - with Malvern Hoops - Ep. 106 -

How to transform your local basketball court – with Malvern Hoops – Ep. 106

For Episode 106 of the Hoopsfix Podcast we sit down with Jon May and Tom Bennett from the Malvern Hoops campaign, who have recently transformed their local basketball courts.

The five year campaign came to an end in August, after the brand new courts at Victoria Park, in Malvern, Worcestershire, were officially opened.

Not purely aesthetic, the courts have been resurfaced with new hoops installed, completed with spring loaded rims and fibreglass backboards.

In this hour long podcast, we go into the backstory of the Malvern Hoops campaign, how they managed to pull it off and what others who are trying to do the same thing can learn from them.


00:00 Introduction
2:56 Interview start
3:30 Jon May’s background
08:35 Tom Bennett’s background
08:45 What made them both decide to take action
13:30 Their first steps after being positively received by the council
14:20 How confident they were of being able to make it happen
18:43 Where to go to find out about land permissions
20:02 What is the role in the council responsible for basketball court renovations
20:56 What they were looking to do
24:55 The first budget they drew up and the costs they were looking at
26:50 What the breakdown of costs were for an estimated £90,000 budget
28:10 What makes the Malvern Hoops campaign different to a lot the other art court projects
28:57 How they were going to be able to raise the money
29:56 How long of a process it is working with councils
31:36 The process of trying to raise £5,000 themselves
36:55 Deciding to involve netball for a different part of the park to help gain more support
40:25 Ensuring you publicise your campaign and getting media coverage
42:36 Importance of being able to show a need/desire for the project from the community
45:14 Jon and Tom’s top 10 tips for anyone trying to their own basketball court project
45:43 1) Check the Malvern Hoops website for more details
46:13 2) Don’t expect it to be easy
47:41 3) Get your budget and financials in order
49:54 4) Use 2D/3D software to get a mockup of the court project done
51:35 5) Be a spokesperson & advocate for your project
53:28 6) Get as much help as possible
56:04 7) Include costs for security in the project
58:11 8) Consider the use of FlexCourt flooring
1:01:20 9) Consider putting other sports into the proposal
1:02:54 10) Focus on having a big launch

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