Final #DengTop50 List Confirmed as Camp Opens for Third Year -

Final #DengTop50 List Confirmed as Camp Opens for Third Year

The 2016 #DengTop50 camp opened up today at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London, England, for the third year since the reform of Luol Deng’s Camp to a Top 50 rankings format.

The #DengTop50 features the highest level of players playing in the UK this season that are currently still to confirm their basketball commitments following high school education. The ranking system begins at the four-day camp in London and will continue throughout the season.

The final top 50 confirmed players that are in attendance are as follows:

Deng Top 50 2016

Thai Segwai-Lodge
Kyle Jimenez
Gedi Juozapaitis
Kemar Hawes
Keanen Williams
Taylor Saipe
Johde Campbell
Amin Adamu
Xavier McIntosh
Rory Winter
Solomon Iluyomade
Sean Nealon-Lino
Eisley Swaine
Emmanuel Odunsi
Oliver Waymark
Kayne Henry-McCalla
Joe Cummins
James Banton
Jacob Round
Sam van Oostrum
Zion Tordoff
Micah Savery-Richards
Ryan Murunge
Joshua Kanini
Jaka Pandza
Joshua Apple
Fidel Gomez
Ibu Jassey
Jacob Cauthorn
Romario Spence
Ayo Nuwe
Dan Akin
Morgan Carter
Sesan Russell
Radostin Papazov
David Issekya
Caleb Fuller
Dominic Scott-Robinson
Kevin Boatey
Adria Amabilino Perez
Brian Amabilino Perez
R.J. Eytle-Rock
Joshua Edwards
Dotun Dosunmu
Obi Agu
Ashley Briggs
Henri Langton
Zephi Sharman
Oliver Dykes
Ali Sbai

The four-day camp culminates in an All-Star game, where the Top 20 players on the camp battle for the final bragging rights of the summer, on Saturday 27th August at 2.30pm (free entry).

Steve Vear, Camp Director, is pleased to see the camp return and expand the basketball experience for the players.

“It is great to be back at the #DengTop50 camp this summer,” he said. “We have expanded the camp this year to add a number of features assisting the players in their development during and following the camp. We welcome back Don Showalter to join Joe Mantegna and Oklahoma City Thunder Assistant Coach Royal Ivey to lead a group of great coaches throughout the four days.

“Jacob Ross, Luol’s Performance Coach, is joining us on camp this year to deliver Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Recovery Workshops throughout the camp.

“This year’s camp will also feature 3×3 basketball in a competitive setup for the first time allowing the players to experience a different style play next to traditional 5v5 basketball.”

You can follow @DengTop50 on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for exclusive content throughout the camp.

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