BBF Opens Consultation With Launch of Dedicated Website -

BBF Opens Consultation With Launch of Dedicated Website

The British Basketball Federation (BBF) has opened up their consultation on the strategy to develop basketball across the UK with the launch of a dedicated website,

It comes following the BBF’s third board meeting, where they announced they had hired consulting firm Deloitte to facilitate their strategy development, as well as the public consultation exercise which would be launching in the coming days.

On the static site’s homepage, which is headed up with the phrase “Basketball is Changing” it states:

The purpose of this site is to communicate the new ambition and intentions for Basketball across Britain. It will provide an engaging process for anyone interested in the game or wishing to support it. We are doing this because we want to:

1. Have one inspiring holistic strategy for growth and success
2. Have one unified approach to implementing it
3. Fulfil Basketballs potential to contribute to local communities
4. Strengthen the governance and resourcing of the sport
5. Engage you in this transformation of the game

Before offering options to express areas of interest, while signing up with your email address and name.

Additionally, there are personally crafted messages from each of the Home Nation CEO’s, as well as new BBF Independent Chair, Nick Humby.

“This is a new beginning, because the Home Nations agreed it, FIBA endorsed it and Sport England have supported it,” Humby wrote.

“We all know the great potential the sport has – we see it in local communities and we read about it all around the world. If we are going to finally realise this potential in Britain we need direction, clarity and commitment from all who can make a difference.

“We need to work together.”

Meanwhile, new Basketball England CEO Stewart Kellett said:

“It is clear that Basketball doesn’t have a clear direction, focus or collective drive. As CEO of the English Governing Body for the game, I am totally committed to creating the very best conditions for everyone in the game to thrive and achieve so much more for the sport and for those playing, competing, volunteering and advocating.

“Basketball England, together with the Home Nations and our collaborative approach with the British Basketball Federation now has the opportunity, indeed duty, to deliver growth and success. Our approach is fully supported by Sport England.

“In this positive change for the sport, I will be transforming our own practices as the English Governing Body, raising our own game as custodians and standard bearers for Basketball. The Board of Basketball England started this process with my recruitment to lead a new approach in England and we will soon be recruiting for a new Chair to drive forward this change with me.

“Basketball has waited far too long to create the right conditions for the sport to thrive. This is our moment!”

Find out more information and register your interest at

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