Best of West Midlands to Descend Upon Birmingham for All Star Day -

Best of West Midlands to Descend Upon Birmingham for All Star Day

The best players from the West Midlands region will descend upon Doug Ellis Sports Centre in Birmingham this weekend for the second annual ‘West Midlands Power of the Region’ (WM POR) all-star day.

The event, to take place on Saturday June 27, will feature U14, U16, U18 and Senior Men and Women’s All Star games, with some of the marquee names including GB Senior Men’s player Myles Hesson, as well as England internationals Martyn Gayle and Morakinyo Williams, and BBL players Disraeli Lufadeju, and Emile Hopkins.

Also suiting up will be 1996 born junior talents Callum Lawson, and Sedale Hanson Young, while on the women’s side, GB Senior Women’s player Dominique Allen will be taking to the floor, along with Michelle Turner who will be returning from the US.

“We (West Mids) need to be the force we used to be but it’s slowly coming back with great clubs, coaches, players, parents and supporters we have in the region,” said organiser Steven Mroso.

“This event brings everybody together where we forget about all the politics and nonsense which goes on throughout the season. This is another idea which is good preparation for the juniors preparing for the England trials at the Regional Development Tournaments.”

The day will start at 10am and run through until 10pm, and will also feature three point shooting contests and awards for individual players and clubs.

10:00 – U14 Boys (The Babies)
12:00 – U16 Boys (The Future)
14:00 – RS Girls (You Better Recognise)
16:00 – Senior Women (Independent Ladies)
18:00 – U18 Men (We Got Next)
20:00 – Senior Men (The Pros)

Tickets are £3 for adults and £1 for children.

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