BBL Chairman Ed Percival Slates Basketball England Over Handling of License -

BBL Chairman Ed Percival Slates Basketball England Over Handling of License

British Basketball League Chairman Ed Percival has continued the war of words with Basketball England over their announcement they will be reviewing the professional league’s operating license.

“The BBL is incredibly disappointed with the recent Press Releases by BE, which BBL believes have been immensely damaging to the sport,” Percival said to MVP.

“The Press Releases were released at a time when: The just announced Active People Survey results for basketball were poor, and disappointing; BE failed to get its funding cut in January 2014 restored last month; BE is required to undergo a governance review by HMG; BE recently staged one of the poorest attended National Cup Finals in memory.

“The BBL can also confirm it will shortly appoint financial advisors to deal with any Investment Proposal it may receive from any party.”

He also called into question the conflicts of interest around ‘Bball UK’, the private entity set up to receive a potential £36million investment that has caused the NGB to review the operating license.

Bball UK includes the current CEO, Huw Morgan, and three former independent directors amongst its staff, with Ed Percival saying the BBL ‘has been utterly confused and concerned’ by the whole thing.

While Bball UK’s Ameesh Manek has said to Hoopsfix they are ready to engage and share their plans with any relevant parties, Percival disputes that claim.

On Facebook on Thursday morning, Percival commented:

“BBL have been asking to meet the investor since Nov 18th and to see details of their proposal, and have proof of funds. still waiting.”

Read the full story on MVP.

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