Knicks & Pistons Attempt Their Best English Accent! -

Knicks & Pistons Attempt Their Best English Accent!

Amare Stoudemire English Accent

With the NBA contingent in town this past week, I had one aim – to get one video that goes viral. The idea was simple; get all the players doing their best English accent. A 2 minute clip including all the big name stars would be sure to be hilarious and have a pretty big reach.

However, these things are always a lot easier to imagine in your head than to actually execute. One issue, as you can see in the video, is that not all the players were up for it, but the biggest issue was getting the players at the right time.

During the media sessions there is a LOT of media, and whilst they’re asking all their questions about London, the NBA and everything else, it felt pretty inappropriate to butt in with a “do you think you can do your best English accent for me?” type question. Which meant it had to happen during 1 on 1 time…which of course, especially with the big names, is not quite as easy.

Anyway, what follows below is the best of what I got with who I managed to speak to, a few funny bits in there including Bill Laimbeer’s incredibly German English accent! The viral smash will have to wait until next time I think…

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