The '95s Are HUGELY Talented - 1995 Born Team Mixtape! -

The ’95s Are HUGELY Talented – 1995 Born Team Mixtape!

England Basketball 1995 Born Generation

England Basketball 1995 Born GenerationPrior to 2011, when they would be competing at the England Under-16 level, it had long been said the 1995 born generation are the most talented generation we have had in a long time. Having been stuck in Division B at the European Championships, it seemed a legitimate chance to break into Division A – and they got the job done, making history in the process, as the first England side to gain promotion since the competition took a two-tier format 8 years before.

This summer, a year later, they moved up to England Under-18s, where, again, they helped secure the team’s promotion to Division A (six 95s and six 94s on that team; if Mo Soluade hadn’t got injured prior to the tournament, it’s a safe bet to say he would’ve been there too). They’ve put in the work, and next summer they will get to reap the rewards of what they’ve sown with a chance, for the first time, to actually compete in Division A.

This video gives a little look at 10 of the 12 players on the England U16 team last summer who secured the historic promotion (unfortunately, Luke Attfield and Johnathan Orrells were at none of the warm-up tournaments in the UK I attended), so check ’em out as you’ll no doubt be hearing more about them in the future!


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