Basketball Wales Defends British Basketball Snub -

Basketball Wales Defends British Basketball Snub

Basketball Wales William Jones

Basketball Wales William Jones

Admittedly, BBC Wales are a little bit late on the uptake of this story, but it makes interesting viewing nevertheless.

In June, Basketball Wales announced it would reject a merger to join British Basketball. Since then, it has led to much debate about whether or not it was the right decision, however, I’m yet to see Basketball Wales President William Jones speak on the matter publicly.

In this feature, Jones says:

“For the good of Wales, and for the good of players, it wasn’t the right time to sign away our independent membership and the opportunity for all our players to take part in meaningful European competition.

“…We want our young players, especially our young players, to take part in European competition and not just friendlies.

“….It may stop one, or maybe two players from attaining (playing in the Olympics games)…it’s highly unlikely over the next four years. We’re content with the backing and funding to build Welsh players.

“…All I’m saying at this moment in time, that with support, and as a nation we can build a steady programme for our players and the need for the players to play in meaningful competition. And I know Patrick (Baumann, FIBA Secretary-General) will say that Division C isn’t meaningful, (but) to us it is.

“I don’t believe we’re going to be left in the woods, with support we can build and I think it would be amiss of us to take away that opportunity to play in European competition for the sake of one or two players, at the max, to play at the Olympics games in Rio.”

Watch the full 5 minute video feature where the BBC speak to a number of different people, including FIBA’s Patrick Baumann, as well as coaches and players, to get a better insight into the situation.

Click here to view, and then come back and let me know what your thoughts are!

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