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England U16s Cut to Eighteen

England Under-16s (1996 generation) have been cut to eighteen players following their half-term camp, as Head Coach Andreas Kapoulas looks toward their next training camp at Christmas.

Twelve players have been cut, reducing the initial squad of 30 down to almost half. The roster is now as follows;

England Under-16s Eighteen Man Roster

Marko Backovic, City of Sheffield
Emanuel Burton, Northampton Nets
Liam Carpenter, Medway Park Crusaders
David Couchman, Medway Park Crusaders
Charlie Fitch, Cambridge Cats
Riccardo Guddemi, Hemel Storm
Sedale Hanson-Young, Birmingham A’s
Myles Laurent-Smart, NASSA
Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye, NASSA
Callum Lawson, Coventry Crusaders
Benjamin Maranan, NASSA
Joe Mvuezolo, NASSA
Joshua Steel, NASSA
Joseph Swindells, Manchester Magic
Laurence Watsham,Ipswich
Marcus Welsh, City of Sheffield
Patrick Whelan, Manchester Magic
Kwame Yeboah, NASSA

What do you think of the cuts? Any surprises?


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