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England Finish 4th, Future Stars 2011 Day 3 Recap

England Under 18s Future Stars 2011

A shorthanded England side stood little chance against the Netherlands today as they were routed 85-66, to finish 4th at Future Stars 2011, their best ever placing.

Despite putting in a valiant effort, led by Raphell Thomas-Edwards (19 first half points), that saw them leading by two 35-33, with just under 4 minutes left in half, the Dutch side stepped it up a gear and by the end of the third quarter had a 15 point lead, 70-55 on England.

England were plagued by turnovers throughout and couldn’t reduce the deficit as they lost for the second time to the Netherlands in the tournament.

It was Slovenia who turned out eventual winners of Future Stars 2011, led by MVP, and star point guard, Luka Rupnik, they were victorious in the final against London United-Harefield Academy, 63-69, despite 34 points from Ryan Martin.

Future Stars 2011 Final Standings
1st Slovenia
2nd London United-Harefield Academy
3rd Netherlands
4th England
5th Sweden
6th USA Select

Future Stars 2011 Day 3 Full Results & Leading Scorers

Game 1 (5th/6th Place)
Sweden beat USA Select 90-84
Scorers: Sweden-Borg 19, Eliasson 18, Person 16/USA Select-Bond 38, Bell 15, Dukes 15
Game 2 (3rd/4th Place)
Netherlands beat England 85-66
Scorers: Netherlands-Averink 13, Schilder 13, Hammink 13, Candiff 12/England-Raphell Thomas-Edwards 28, Harry Turner 10, Jack Crook 9, Zak Wells 6, Elliott Sentance 6, Jordan Spencer 5
Game 3 (Final)
Slovenia beat London United-Harefield Academy 73-69
Scorers: Slovenia-Rupnik 22, Dimec 17, Lapornik 9, Osolnik 8/LUHA-Ryan Martin 34, Rowell Graham 11, Caylin Raftopoulos 7, Matthew Don 7


  • England Starters: Jordan Spencer, Harry Turner, Raphell Thomas-Edwards, David Sainsbury-Garcia, Zak Wells
  • Injuries are the biggest problem England face right now. Finishing the tournament with just 7 healthy players with 10 days left until the team leaves for the Europeans does not bode well. They need as much time on the court together as possible, and right now that simply hasn’t been possible.
  • On that same note, it makes it extremely hard to give any type of accurate assessment of the team because the final squad that goes to Bulgaria will look nothing like what we have seen this weekend.
  •  Slovenia’s point guard Luka Rupnik was the deserved MVP in my opinion, being the best player throughout the whole tournament.
  • New referees were brought in for the tournament after the shambles that was the first two days, and what a difference it made.
  • Huge thanks to the organisers in particular Emma Chambers, Jack Majewski and Sara Robinson for being so accommodating over the three days!

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