Final England U18 Roster for Euros Selected -

Final England U18 Roster for Euros Selected

The final twelve man England Under-18 roster for the 2011 Division B European Championships in Varna, Bulgaria, can be exclusively revealed by Hoopsfix.

The team, who have been battling with injuries, had a final selection camp in Cobham, Surrey, on Friday and Saturday where head coach Steve Bucknall looked at potential replacements for John Stewart and Josh McGinn.

The final roster is as follows:

England Under-18s Final Roster

Jamie Batish
Jack Crook
Jordan Culley
Simeon Esprit
Rowell Graham
David Sainsbury-Garcia
Elliott Sentance
Jordan Spencer
Raphell Thomas-Edwards
Harry Turner
Zak Wells
Ross Wilson

The team flies to Bulgaria this Tuesday 19th July, and tip off their campaign against Estonia on Thursday (21st July).

Thoughts on final roster and late additions? Drop a comment!

  • Chris Ward

    What about the u18 women who are currently out in Hungary preparing for the Europeans starting 4/8. If the site is solely for Mens basketball please ignore my comment.

    • The site is 90% male basketball orientated. Coverage of women is limited to GB senior women and GB U20 women.

    • Tom

      No offence to you or girls basketball at all by saying this; but sam has a regular job like the most of us, and is doing this site himself, its gonna be difficult to cover the whole aspect of birtish basketball in the little time that he has.
      im only guessing, but i would say that a large majority of people who look at this site are mainly interested in mens and boys bball, because they are the people who look at it… the site clearly isnt solely for mens basketball because hes been giving details of the u20 gb womens tournament that went on last week.
      no need in sarccy comments like that, when hes one of the few people that not only wants to promote basketball in britain, he is actually doing something real about it.

  • ?

    Where’s jesse , josh guddemi , josh ward hibbert???

  • Chris Ward

    Apologies Tom if you think it was sarccy comment but it was a genuine question. I do understand how much time Sam devotes. And Sam many thanks for clarifying

  • Fred


    Why are some names in dark blue ?

    • Each player has (or should have, when I get around to creating them) a player profile. I have it automatically set up at the back-end of the site so that whenever a player’s name is mentioned it links to their profile so people can find more information on a player.

      Those whose names aren’t in blue/underlined are those that a) either don’t have a player profile created yet because I haven’t had time or b) I haven’t set up the system at the back-end yet for them so their name automatically links to their player profile.

      Hope that makes sense! :)

  • Selection of this team is quite clearly nonsense!#
    I do not expect that they will perform well & yet again England Basketball will”bury it’s head in the sand” & refuse to address the problems.

    • ad

      Agree, it is nonsense!
      Having a chance to pick Josh Guddemi, Dominic Norton, Niel Gillard, Omari Coates etc and pick instead Ross Wilson, Jordan Spenser etc is clear and absolute nonsence!

      • I’d say Spencer is better than Norton (haven’t seen Coates and haven’t seen much of Gillard). I don’t rate Josh Guddemi that highly either, though given that the bigs chosen are not that great I think you could make a case for why he should be included.

        To be honest though, the loss of so many quality players through injury etc. has pretty much put paid to any chances of promotion, so I don’t think it makes too much of a difference which of these guys are taken.

        • LB

          well lets just see hey !

  • JohnB

    As I assume you are a coach, can you explain why the selection is nonsense?

    What would you be looking for in your selection of players?

    Just asking.

    • Selection should have been based on players who have performed consistently well over the last two seasons & achieved success with their respective club (& possibly school) teams. This would also include players in the U18 age range who are playing at a high level abroad. All these players should have maintained a high level of personal fitness.
      Selection by reputation alone is not acceptable & nor is the obvious bias in favouring players based in the south of England.
      Similarly the England coaching staff should have demonstrated their ability by achieving some success in coaching a national league club team. They should have then been prepared to travel around the country watching players week in & week out to ensure that they knew who the best were. Inviting hoards of players to attend a one day training/selection process is not the way to start building a National team.

      • Joe

        Reminder of the selection process.
        Regional U17 tournament last July which featured NORTH EAST & NORTH WEST as well as all other regions. Therefore the best squad players from all of those regions were put on display in front of the England selectors.
        First draft and selections came from players performance at this tournament plus knowledge and performance of overseas players.
        Ten of the twelve final selection attended this first training session back in the autumn.
        The two players just injured out were both from the NORTH, perhaps the SOUTH players are fitter???
        Josh Ward Hibbert who has chosen tennis over basketball IS FROM THE NORTH.
        Devon VO who is playing GB U20’s is FROM THE NORTH.

        Get over the pathetic north south chip on your shoulder or I will start on why are all finals held in NORTH venues ! why do Manchester and Sheffield always get the home draw when it gets to quarter finals stage ! I could go on but I won’t.

        Good luck to every single one of these representatives of England. I personally wish them all the very best regardless of where they live,train or reside.

        • Passerby

          “Joe” if you remember correctly then the north-west won that tournament and not one player that played for the north-west team has made the final cut.

          I believe the selection process is awful; coaches need to watch how players play for their club along with training camps.

          I agree with “have a view” that the coaches should have some credentials as a coach not as a player. Often the best coaches have never played basketball to high level or had little experience.

          • Joe

            North West = Josh McGinn, he would have made the final cut if he had not torn his hamstring at Future Stars. Jack Crook also played for the North West region and has made the final cut. Was it a southern bias that only those from a Northern origin tore their hamstrings at this tournament, namely Josh and John Stewart? I don’t think so.

            • Passerby

              neither of them played for north-west at the regional tournament though, yet north-west won.

            • number 7

              injuries happen its one of those things you cannot blame Josh and John for that. Also Joe i think you will find statistically Manchester always get drawn away from home in cup runs in the later rounds, with the exception of the Under 18s this year.

            • ad

              Disagree. Three teams represented north in final four.
              How many players from these teams were selected. Answer-3!!!?
              True some are injured but where are Josh Guddemi, Niel Gillard, Greg Krippa, John Gould, Tom DeWitt?
              Add here terrible selection. What was the point of picking Ross Wilson or Jordan Spencer?. The first one has shown nothing during the regular season and the second was polishing the bench in the States. Do not want to be rude to those guys, they are decent players but there are better ones!!!

        • Joe, thanks for the reminder of the process that was publicised by England Basketball prior to the regional finals last year which I was aware of before making my comments. That process although probably well intentioned now lacks credibility and did not work.

          As pointed out by Passerby, none of the winning team reached the latter stages of the selection process. Only one player appeared to be seriously considered and was treated in a rather shabby manner throughout. I am not sure how many of the East Midlands team which came second were selected. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

          Although two players from the NW have been selected, I would reiterate my point that players who have performed at a high level, achieved things and have maintained their fitness throughout, should have more credibility than those that have not. Winning the regional finals should be considered as an achievement if EB think it worthy of including in the national selection process. It should be taken into account by EB if players choose not to enter this part of the process.

          In respect of using the regional finals as part of the selection process, this would have more credibility if the national coach had attended. I know that he had not been appointed at that time and that is why the process identified by EB could not work. That is also why anyone who is a national coach should be committed enough to attend games throughout the country in order to assess the qualities of the players for selection rather than rely on a few poorly organised and amateurish training sessions.

          Unfortunately this approach appears to have persisted with the potential squad being put through a last minute ‘crash test’ of tournaments resulting in two key players picking up the type of injuries that could have been avoided.

  • Bob

    Anyone think after van oostrums poor performances with u20s it would have been better for him to dominate with u18s?

    • Poor performance based on what? 10 points, 7 rebounds and 4+ assists per game for a ’93 born in a ’91 competition isn’t poor.

      Statistically he may not be DOMINATING the competition but reports from people actually in Bosnia are that he’s doing a pretty stellar job. There’s a reason he’s starting and playing 30+ minutes a game.

      What good would it be for his development dominating against weaker competition instead?

    • Bob

      OK poor is a strong word and his stats do resemble someone with a complete game… but he has constantly promised gold and is ranked number 3 in Europe for the 93 generation! I was just expecting more from the hype

    • LB

      No not at all.. Devon needs to be where he is with GB. All players need a chalenge and playing under 18s for Devon isnt a challenge.

  • ??

    I feel like losing Josh McGinn and John Stewart hurt the team…and the absences of jesse chuku, josh ward-hibbert and devon are also blows. But don’t right them off, expect big things from Simeon Espirit, Raphell Thomas-Edwards and Elliot Sentance! All are good scorers, and have can play at that level. If their bigs decide to grab rebounds (which they haven’t been) then this team could suprise alot of people.

    Best of luck to the guys though!!!

    • LB

      Well said i think just the same, why not give the lads a chance and see what happens…

  • Adumdada

    Excellent, i’m over in Bulgaria on holiday end of July so I can catch some of the classification rounds.

  • jay

    think the selection is quite goood but not many north west players been selected i belive that the selectors need to take a better look up north than just down south .. john gould neil gillard have both been amazing this year.if people want the game of basketball to develop they need to look more down north most of the players selected at any age are from down south but if u look at recent final 4s schools and national compertitions the north have had more teams in than south and won it . think selectors really do need to look at the talent up north

    • ad

      Well, effectively what you say means that the selection was bad as quite a few players from North (I could add few other names like Tom DeWitt or Greg Krippa) have been overlooked.

  • dpeti

    Some interesting comments above.

    “Have a view” suggests that “the England coaching staff should have demonstrated their ability by achieving some success in coaching a national league club team.”

    As far back as I can remember no national coach has ever achieved much success in coaching a national league team, with the exception of Humph Long. In fact, over the past ten years or so, the national coaches have not achieved anything very much, and their coaching experience has to be questioned.

    He then goes on to say “They should have then been prepared to travel around the country watching players week in & week out”

    That certainly should be the case if the coach was professionally employed, but as he has a day job AND does not get paid, other than “necessary” expenses, it is an impossibility to travel “week in and week out”.

    “Passer By” suggests that “often the best coaches have never played basketball to high level or had little experience.”

    I assume he is talking about UK coaches rather than European or US coaches, very many of whom have played at a good level (NCAA DIV1, European premier leagues etc.) and. Most certainly, have experience.

    I agree that a player may not make a good coach, but a coach who has not played the game would not be likely to make a good coach.

    There are many comments re the North/South divide, but at the end of the day it does not really make much difference as, as was shown at the recent Future Stars, there are no English based players able to play at international level.

    As I have said many times, there is a world of difference between the playing requirements of what we call a junior league and that required to play at an international level. Our junior league is all about quantity and nothing about quality.

    • LB


  • passerby

    Passerby is not the real original passerby and should desist from using this nom de plume.
    Thank you

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  • number 7

    Surely if Bucknall felt the team as a whole wasn’t fit enough to compete and that a rigorous fitness programme was needed to be done before the Europeans then he has picked the wrong players? He should be concentrating on setting the team offensively an defensively rather than worrying about fitness. If a player isn’t fit enough to compete surely he should not have picked them?

    • LB

      If that is the case then we wouldnt be competing, as the players were not fit enough to play in the heat over there , every one of us can complain of how things are done but at the end of the day its down to who ever the coach is that year . Every year people have complianed about what the coach has done and to be honest its unfair. im proud my son is going to the euro`s and exercise and fitness doesnt hurt him or any one else. At least we are competing…

      • Lee

        Good luck to your son and all the boys who have made the commitment to play for their Country.

        • LB

          Thank you.

  • GC

    My son is going to the Europeans today and has worked very hard to get there. He is from the north but has had to go to the south for all the training sessions but has done so without complaint. His fitness was good before he went to the training but improved with the work given. Im very proud he has made the squad and it annoys me to read all the statements that put these lads down. They will do their best but it will still not be good enough for some. Good luck to them all and you lads that were injured will be missed.

    Well done to you all regardless of result and take no notice of the negative comments. The British seem to take great pleasure in dragging down anyone who tries to achieve.

    • basketballyouth

      Your son my be going, but give a thought to those that feel that they should be there!!! especially when they know that they are they more talented than those that have been chosen. But good luck to the squad I hope they do well.

      • GC

        I have given many thoughts to other talented players who havnt had the chance to go. I also think that my son worked very hard and has the talent and that is why he was chosen.

        I want to wish all the boys the best and would have supported them all even if my son was not one of the team.

  • Joe

    Totally agree. The bitter and twisted department should get off their hobby horse and support our nation whole heartedly. Let us unite and support those players who made it.

    • LB

      Hooray at last a few nice positive`s the lads are going so lets get behind them …

  • LB

    The last few comments are great, lets stick together and how ever well the lads do we`l be here to support them …

  • TheBigFactHunt

    Whatever way you spin it there are some decisions made in the selection that don’t quite add up. On the coaches: plenty of fantastic coaches don’t make it to the top of EB’s coaching staff for the international teams for seemingly no reason, I’d love to know what qualifies people to be there.

    Whatever I (and others) think about the selection is irrelevant anyway. Good luck to the boys out there!

  • jj


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