Video: Jamell Anderson at Midnight Madness 2010 -

Video: Jamell Anderson at Midnight Madness 2010

This is long overdue. I began making a mix of Jamell Anderson from Midnight Madness in ’09 but when my external hard drive blew up I lost everything and so it got put on hold (he still doesn’t believe me). It’s just as well he turned up to Midnight Madness in 2010 with his game face on, absolutely killin’ both runs he played in (North qualifier in Nottingham, then the All Nighter in the same place) and actually being overall top scorer with the Ball Without Bias grading system at the All Nighter.

Yes, Midnight Madness was a dunkfest for GB U20 Jamell, but his game is more than just athleticism, with nice range on his jumpshot (which unfortunately he didn’t need to use at Midnight Madness) and decent vision for a guy his size. Check the video and be sure to get outta the way if you’re under the rim when Jamell is attacking it!

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