Beats: Chima Anya – Feel Us -

Beats: Chima Anya – Feel Us

Chima Anya Feel Us

Easy people. You know last week I was talking about a certain Compton native named Kendrick? Well one thing I didn’t mention, as it didn’t fit in with the hilarious old vs. new narrative I was rolling with, is that the good Dr. Dre is actually fully aware of the young man’s promise. So much so that Andre has taken him under his massively hench steroid assisted wing and has got him in the studio working on Detox. Super great look right there.

But enough of the LA LA idolising, let’s skip back to home shores right quick.

Ok, the UK. It’s chilly right now.  And students are wylin’ because, as of yesterday, you’re now officially gonna have to be auto-ballin’1 to pay your way towards a degree. Yes, I think those are the two main things going on in the country right now. Oh and that Wikileaks situation. Dem man need to stop snitching already, damn.

But back to the music, I’ve got a nice little treat for you. Consider it an early Christmas present. That sounded lame, I don’t care…

Say hello to Chima Anya. If twitter bios are anything to go by, and admittedly they’re usually not, then Chima has chalked up a pretty interesting tag line.

Swagger, Style, Substance. DOCTOR. MC.”

Say whaaaaaaat? Mans a doctor fam? Yes bruv, he’s a Doctor. Get over it. And not a Doctor in the Lance and Ashley from Phoneshop sense. This spitter is qualified. I know this because he often fires off seemingly knowledgeable and disgruntled medical related tweets. Done know we all hate punk radiologists.

This week Chima upped a track off his new mixtape ‘Unresolved’ entitled ‘Feel Us’ and its nice. You should definitely give it a spin or two. Chima runs the track in various ways – bars, hook, voice, flow and of course some braggadocio punches to let you know he’s the sheeiit. Guest rapper Rewd Adam is joke too. He sticks it to you skinny jean peacoat wearing Shoreditians. It’s a good look all round in my mind. I’m looking forward to the rest of the tape.

And not to dwell too much on his profession because, after all, if he wasn’t swift with the words and the verbs and the pronouns, I wouldn’t be chatting about him at all. But seriously, when was the last time you heard your Doctor say:

“Here’s a tip if you want girls, bring them to my show cos they love how my c*ck feels”

Sounds more like something Lance and Ashley would say.

Listen to ‘Feel Us’ here.

Would Jim Jones say ‘you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth’? No he’d say ‘yo son, you’re auto-baaaaaaaaaaallin’. Got it?

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