Beats: Blu & Exile - Seasons -

Beats: Blu & Exile – Seasons

Blu & Exile

Considering as I tap away at these keys it’s reaching blizzard like conditions in London City, the visuals for this week’s featured track seem only too fitting.

Having already given a solid nod to Blu and Exile as two of LA underground’s finest a couple of weeks ago, it’s a pleasure to have some new material from the duo. As is often the way with a lot of Blu’s output, this came out of nowhere and with no indication as to what project it will be a part of. Let’s hope ‘Seasons’ is hinting at a follow up to Blu & Exile’s classic ‘Below the Heavens’ as would be suggested from the ‘NewMusicComingSoon’ message that caps off the scrolling text block that kicks in towards to end of the video.

That would be enough to make more than a few rap fans show their ‘O’ face.

There’s also an outside chance that ‘Seasons’ may end up on Blu’s solo album NoYork. Although given the track’s soft piano loop and moaning vocal sample it seems in contrast to the grittier garage band direction that NoYork seems to be heading (see: NewMGMGrand).

But really, it doesn’t matter too much. It’s always great to hear new material from easily one of the most captivating and talented rappers to have put out material in the last 3 years. Equally enthralling as he is frustrating, his seemingly erratic output level is always forgiven in the hope that he’s somewhere in Los Angeles churning out some future classics.

So sit back, click play and enjoy the budget visuals and snowy landscapes while Blu wanders around a cemetery and some old crusty buildings. Definite Christmas vibes on this one (I’m not saying I spend Christmas in cemeteries and crusty buildings, although if that’s you, then big up).

Also, make sure you watch ‘til the end of the video for an uncharacteristic ‘LOL’ featuring Blu. Don’t mess with mother nature, she’ll par you bruv.

Watch ‘Seasons’ here:

*As a side note, this week also saw Weezy drop his first track since being freed from the clink. Entitled 6’7’’ the track is being dubbed ‘A Milli on Steroids’ and you can really see why. But let’s not joke about. It’s going to take a lot more than roids for Dr. Carter to ever reach 6ft 7. He’d be better off standing on his money. Word to Yao Ming.

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