Scoop Jackson Talks To Luol Deng -

Scoop Jackson Talks To Luol Deng

ESPN’s Scoop Jackson sat down for a candid interview with Luol Deng recently, and published perhaps the most interesting and revealing article on Lu so far. Covering his tumultuous past couple of seasons in Chicago, Deng talks about dealing with the haters, his (much talked about) contract, his injury and the worst thing someone could say about him;

Not to be negative, but hearing all that’s been said about you, I’d like to know from you what is the worst thing that anyone can — not has, but can — say about you?

LD: That I don’t … I don’t know how to put it into one word, but it’s the same thing they said about me and the money, that I’m satisfied. I’m not; I’m really not. I’ve never been satisfied. I’m always trying to get better, trying to get up there. But that relaxing thing? When people say that, it still bothers me, man. You can say whatever you want [about me]; you can say, “Luol is not that good;” you can say, “Luol is not going to get where we thought he was going to get.” I’m OK with that. As long as you know I’m really putting in the work. Anything else you want to say, go ahead. But don’t say that I’m satisfied.

It is a great read, and once again proves why Luol Deng is not just a great basketball player but an even greater person, and the perfect ambassador for basketball in the UK. Make sure you read it.

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