Nick George Retires Due to Health Problems -

Nick George Retires Due to Health Problems

Nick George

Nick George has retired

It is being reported by Eurobasket that Nick George, a former Team GB regular, has informed his Italian side Fastweb Junior Casale Monferrato that he is retiring with immediate effect due to serious health reasons.

The two sides mutually agreed to break the contract that would have seen the 28 year old George playing at least one more season in Italy. He returned to Manchester today.

George played a crucial role in Great Britain’s qualifying campaign for Eurobasket 2009, including a career high 15 points against Israel in September of 2008, but saw limited minutes at Eurobasket in Warsaw, Poland. It would appear the same health issues are the reason he withdrew from this summer’s Eurobasket 2011 qualifying campaign.

Hoopsfix wants to wish Nick George all the best and hopes he gets back to full health soon.


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