Team Legacy Win Brighton 4 on 4 -

Team Legacy Win Brighton 4 on 4

Team Legacy

Team Legacy with their prize money

Whilst most of the country was watching England get destroyed by Germany on Sunday, a select few were down at the first annual Runnin’ Rebels Brighton Beach Streetball Tournament battling out for their share of up to £300 in prize money!

It was Team Legacy, made up of Leon Bernard, Tarryn Algar, Ben Clarke, Andrew Wilding, James Bagan and Daniel Maxwell who came away with the cash, going up against Vance Silcott’s Chances For All Sports team in the final.

Despite a few teams not showing up for a number of reasons (15 were registered, 8 showed), competing with the England-Germany game and a relatively low overall standard, this was a SICK day! Tournament organisers take note; there is no better location than Brighton Beach.

The weather was perfect, the beach was packed, the music was on point and there were far bigger crowds than at the England-Scotland game I watched up in Worcester on Sunday.

A great day had by all (especially Leon Bernard who had a ridiculous number of nice throwdowns), that was a credit to the Runnin’ Rebels basketball organisation.

Huge thanks to Becky and Nick for having me, will hopefully be throwing together a little video soon!


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