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East Midlands Take U15 Inter-Regional Title

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The East Midlands won the EB U15's Inter Regional tourney

The East Midlands team took the U15 Inter-Regional title at the Wildcats Arena, Nottingham this weekend after beating the East 68-50 in the final game. Final standings are as follows;

U15 Inter Regional Tournament Final Standings

1st East Midlands
2nd East
3rd South East
4th South
5th North West
6th London
7th Yorkshire
8th North East
9th South West
10th West Midlands
11th Wales
12th Scotland

For full results see England Basketball’s writeup.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it so don’t have a lot to say, other than I’m extremely surprised London finished just 6th. I do believe they had players missing, but I still expected them to do a lot better. I was also informed that one of the games, remaining tied after 2 minutes OT, went to sudden death on a free throw shootout. You kiddin’ me?

Anyway, for any of you that were there, I’d love to hear about your experiences of the tournament, standout moments/players/performances so please drop a comment below and let me know what went down!


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