Andre Alleyne Jailed For Sexual Abuse -

Andre Alleyne Jailed For Sexual Abuse

So I was just doing some research this morning as you do, and came across this Croydon Guardian story of Sean Andre Alleyne being jailed for 30 months yesterday for sexual abuse.

Andre Alleyne

Andre Alleyne is well known in British basketball circles

Sean Andre Alleyne, who has a had a number of coaching gigs, including England Under 18’s and used to help present the NBA on 5, pleaded guilty to three counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child at an earlier hearing.

41-year-old Alleyne, who was working at Archbishop Lanfranc School at the time, encouraged the girl to show him her private parts and performed sex acts on her at her school and at her home.

You can read further details that were published today at Local Guardian.

All I can say is WTF?!


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