Video: Midnight Madness Regional Qualifiers Nottingham -

Video: Midnight Madness Regional Qualifiers Nottingham

Midnight Madness Regionals. A.k.a The Semis, a.k.a the best of the best. Now I’m a man who loves my sleep, but if there is one thing I’d be willing to stay up all night for it is the Midnight Madness Regional Qualifier at the Jesse Boots Wildcats Arena in Nottingham.

Finally all the golden ticket winners get to play against each other, the scrubs have been left behind and now we are left with the real talent. In what seemed a rather random move by Midnight Madness, players were allowed to select their own teams at the Semi’s, and as would be expected it ended up with several STACKED teams. There are way too many shout outs to give, but three teams that need mentioning-Ogo Adegboye’s team, made up of himself, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Darrell Bethune, Ladi Brown and Tayo Ogedengbe, Carl Josey’s team, made up of himself, Dave Ajumobi, Clayfell Harris, Courtney Van Beest and Albert Margai and in the under 18’s, Ryan Martin’s team led by himself and Damoy Robertson. These three teams pretty much won all night and it was quite a spectacle-definitely worth going to next year to see what happens!

Anyway, an action packed video, check it out and drop a comment!

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