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William Issekya claims #HASC23 3-Point Shootout title

William Issekya was crowned as the 3-Point Shootout winner at the 2023 Hoopsfix All-Star Classic at Crystal Palace, on Sunday.

The Milton Keynes guard edged out Nedas Cholevinskas in a thrilling finale on the final rack to become the latest winner of the contest.

Cholevinskas set his rival a score of 12 to beat in the final round and Issekya left it late with two scores from the corner sealing the victory.

Six players competed in the mixed gender event with Anna Nevison, Liv Forster, Fatmata Janneh and Louie Tucker missing out in the first round.

Cholevinskas was the only player to hit double digits in the opening round with a score of 11, but even bettering with his second attempt was not enough as Issekya found a way to heat up at the right time to take the title.

Full results:

First round: Anna Nevison 4, Liv Forster 4, Fatmata Janneh 5, Nedas Cholevinskas 11, Louie Tucker 6, William Issekya 7

Final round: Nedas Cholevinskas 12, William Issekya 13

Re-watch the 3-Point Shootout below:

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