Basketball Combats Gang Violence in Chicago -

Basketball Combats Gang Violence in Chicago

Derrick Rose Chicago Gang Tournament

Derrick Rose Chicago Gang TournamentWe were once again reminded of the power of basketball this weekend as Chicago saw a one day truce in the gang violence that plagues the city, trading their guns for basketballs as they played a tournament against one another.

NBA stars, including Derrick Rose, got involved in the community event which was hailed a huge success.

NBC Chicago has the story:

Four rival gangs, community and church leaders, and NBA superstars all joined together Saturday afternoon in a gym for a basketball tournament geared towards ending violence in Chicago.

“You walk in that gym and you see the passion, the excitement, you see the smiles on the kids’ faces, you see kids who used to shoot each other playing ball with each other, You see D-Rose and Joakim Noah,” said St. Sabina’s Father Michael Pfleger, who organized the event “Balling for Peace” and asked the NBA stars to get involved. “You tell me anything is wrong with this? I’m in heaven right now.”

Pfleger organized the monumental, one day gang truce in the city, which included 28 kids playing from different gangs in neighborhoods hit hard by violence and crime.

The event gained some NBA star power assists from Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson on the Chicago Bulls along with other Chicago NBA stars Antoine Walker, Quentin Richardson and the legendary Isaiah Thomas. All of the NBA players who showed up on Saturday coached the teams, spoke at the event and encouraged the young people playing in the Peace Basketball Tournament.

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