The Barcelona Pack by K1X -

The Barcelona Pack by K1X

K1X Barcelona Pack

K1X Barcelona PackOnce again, our guys over at K1X have dropped some crazy nice gear – this time in tribute to the ‘Dream Team’, arguably the greatest team in all of sports history. Check out the K1X ‘Barcelona Pack’ below.
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From K1X:

1992-2012 – 20 years in the making. The new “Barcelona Pack” by K1X is the basketball label’s tip of the hat to an event that has forever changed the history of sports.

They were called the “Dream Team”, the best team ever assembled. In any sport. Chuck, Mike, Larry & Co. did not only win each of their games in Barcelona 20 years ago, but they left a mark on players and spectators alike by dominating their competition like few – if any – had ever witnessed before. Entire nations were glued to their television sets as the best players of the most talented and most charismatic generation in basketball history put on one clinic after another.

Twelve players became twelve international icons and reached a whole new dimension in terms of popularity. They became role models for today’s generation as well as generations to come. The best team that ever was. The best team that ever will be.

The K1X Barcelona pack consists of a college jacket. two hoodies, a crewneck as well as two t-shirts, a reversible jersey and a snapback cap.

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