Beats: Wiz Khalifa - Exit Row -

Beats: Wiz Khalifa – Exit Row

Wiz Khalifa

Recently I was lucky enough to see both J Cole and Drake headline their first London shows at Koko and Hammersmith Apollo respectively. Both shows were sold out and both shows had people, understandably, gassing on twitter. I’m not going to review each show in any depth, all I’ll say is J Cole smashed it and Drizzy talked to the girls too much. Word to the Drizzy 3 stroke.

Only reason I mention this is because since mid ’09 both Jermaine and Aubrey have been top of my list in terms of artists I wanted to see live. So now I’ve got those two out of the way I had to figure out who was the next to top my ‘need-to-see-live’ hit list.

It was a pretty easy decision.

Wiz Khalifa bodied 2010. Kush & OJ was easily one of my favourite projects of 2010 and, along with a bit of help from his Curren$y assisted How Fly mixtape from ’09, made me completely forget the fact Wiz ever made this song. Then he came with the platinum banger single Black & Yellow. Wiz is definitely that dude for 2011.

So back to the topic. Live shows. This Monday, out of no-fucking-where, word starting spreading that Wiz had just sold out a 800 capacity show at London venue XOYO. The news had people usually in the know (swear down it wasn’t just me!) scratching their head. A lot of people literally had no idea this show was even happening before they heard the news it was sold out.  Luckily the reaction of more than a few disgruntled fans prompted the powers that be to add another date to his schedule, this time at O2 Shepherds Bush, London. Good job they did too, otherwise XOYO would have been getting rushed!

So with all the talk of Wiz this week it’s only fitting to give his most recent leak a few spins. While it’s not on a level with Black & Yellow or the recent Snoop assisted That Good it’s still a pretty decent, if forgivably cheesy, thumper you can sing along to after finishing off your 6th bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

Listen to Exit Row below:

Taylor Gang or take a charge off Blake Griffin.

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