Beats: Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory -

Beats: Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory

Jay Electronica Shiny Suit Theory

Last week the spotlight was firmly on J Cole and his ability to release a mixtape so sought after it gave the internet heart palpitations. This week we move from Roc Nation’s first signee to the newest addition to the roster. An MC who shares Cole’s ability to make rap nerds everywhere bust a proverbial nut each and every time he throws a usershare link in his twitter timeline, allow me to reintroduce a Mr Jay Electronica and the latest rapper to ink a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label.

After a good few years of developing a reputation as one of hip-hop’s most enigmatic, unpredictable and talented wordsmiths Jay Electronica had the attention of more than a few industry big boys. Having lit up the Just Blaze produced heaters ‘Exhibit A‘ and ‘Exhibit C‘, lacing the illest beat on Nas’ Untitled album and rolling about with Diddy on some bromance isht, it was somewhat of a surprise to see Jigga Man come out of nowhere and perform the robbery. And while it seemed like Diddy-Diddums got a lil salty at the news on twitter, I doubt Jay Elec will be losing too many fans over his decision to allow Mr. Combs on a corporate flex. Mans aint tryna get Shyne’d out here.

So it seems Jay Electronica’s fabled full length LP, Act II: Patents of Nobility (the turn), will be dropping on Roc Nation. And if that’s the case then it’s only right that the two Jays hook up for a little lyrical back and forth right?

After originally leaking a snippet, Jay Electronica has now gifted his followers with Shiny Suit Theory ft. Jay-Z, The-Dream & Charlotte Gainsbourg. Jay Elec and Jay-Z is a pretty nice combination right? Here’s hoping Hov does right by Timothy Elpadaro Thedford and we’re treated to an album of the calibre we all know he is capable of.

N**** what you scared of?
Terrorize these artificial rap n***** and spread love, pollinate the ear buds
Like you supposed ta, spit it for the culture
Pay no attention to the critics and the vultures
They rather have a shot of Belvy just to spite you
They cast the judgments ’cause they feel they got the right to

Fuck ‘em…

Listen to Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory here

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