Video: Bud Johnston & Jasper Chiwuzie vs Brunel 2nds (BUCS) -

Video: Bud Johnston & Jasper Chiwuzie vs Brunel 2nds (BUCS)

Every now and again in BUCS, you’ll find some top British ballin’ talent way outside of the Premier South and Premier North who are tearing up their league. That is what has happened this year at the University of Chichester who compete in South Eastern 2A but are steamrolling their way through the league (and should get promoted) off the back of Bud Johnston and Jasper Chiwuzie.

Bud at 6ft 4, 205lbs,has been a regular on the scene for years after signing with the former BBL outfit Brighton Bears when he was 17 (funnily enough he actually coached me at a Bears camp back in the day!). Since then, he has played pro in Iceland for Thor Thorl, and in Germany in Bundesliga 2 for Schalke 04. When he is not destroying BUCS basketball, he is tearing up D4 with the Chichester Thunder, averaging 26.3 ppg (good for second in the league) and 4.3 apg (fifth).

Jasper, at 6’9, 240lbs only started ballin when he was 18. In his second season he was picked up by London Capital, playing decent minutes and among the league leaders in field goal percentage before leaving due to injury and travelling costs. He too is tearing up D4, currently leading the whole league in FG% at 68.8 (!)%

In this game vs Brunel 2nds, Bud was dominant finishing with 29 points, 19 of them in the first half and a number of well as actually making the away crowd cheer for him on a number of occasions Haha. Jasper took a while to find his rhythm, getting frustrated by a number of no-calls but finished strong with a few big dunks! Check out the video and drop a comment…


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