LIVE STREAM: Hoopsfix All-Star Classic U19 Game - #HASC16 (4pm) -

LIVE STREAM: Hoopsfix All-Star Classic U19 Game – #HASC16 (4pm)

Watch the 2016 Hoopsfix All Star Classic Under-19 game, as Team Black, coached by Josh Merrington, take on Team White, coached by Andreas Kapoulas.

2016 Hoopsfix All Star Classic U19 Rosters

Name, Height, Position, NBL Club
Team Black
Henri Langton, 6’10”, F/C, Loughborough Riders
Josh Apple, 6’7″, F, Ipswich Basketball
Solomon Iluyomade, 6’7″, F, Peckham Pride
Charles Yassi-Pepin, 6’8″, F, Kent Crusaders
Shaquille Walters, 6’5″, G/F, Peckham Pride
Carl Wheatle, 6’5″, G/F, Angelico Biella
Amin Adamu, 6’3″, G, Peckham Pride
Moses Byekwaso, 6’2″, G, Preston Titans
James Lloyd, 6’3″, G, Brixton Topcats
Alex Roberts, 6’2″, G, Lancashire Spinners
Andre Arissol, 6’2″, G, Loughborough Riders

Team White
Sam Japhet-Mathias, 6’11”, C, Kent Crusaders
Daniel Akin, 6’8″, F, Kent Crusaders
George Darling, 6’9″, F, Lancashire Spinners
Dan Hemingway, 6’7″, F, Solent Kestrels
Kyle Carey, 6’6″, G/F, Lancashire Spinners
Obi Agu, 6’5″, G/F, Kent Crusaders
Evan Walshe, 6’4″, G, Oaklands Wolves/Essex Leopards
Gedi Juozapaitis, 6’3″, G, Peckham Pride
Ben Maranan, 6’2″, G, Solent Kestrels
Luke Mitchell, 6’0″, G, Nottingham Hoods
RJ Eytle-Rock, 6’3″, G, Kent Crusaders

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