GB Continue Rise Up FIBA Rankings -

GB Continue Rise Up FIBA Rankings

Luol Deng GB vs Spain Olympics

Luol Deng GB vs Spain OlympicsGreat Britain have continued their ascent up the FIBA World Rankings following the London 2012 Olympics, with both the men and women’s team breaking into the world’s top 25.

GB men are now ranked number 23 in the world, having moved up 20 spots, whilst the women are placed 24th, seeing an increase of 25 places.

The rankings are based on an eight-year cycle and includes two FIBA World Championships, two Olympic Games and four of every continental championships (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania).

Whenever a new championship is played, the oldest championship of that category is dropped. Despite there being many flaws in the ranking system (read about how they are calculated here), it is often referred to by the British press and any improvement by GB should only serve the team well.

Even though the team only won a single game, FIBA’s Secretary General Patrick Baumann, feels GB didn’t disappoint in their home town games:

“I think the British (men’s) team didn’t let us down.

“It’s always hard to come to the Olympics for the first time and even try to win a game.

“They won a game (against China) but also they lost very narrowly in a couple of other games (to Brazil and Spain) and they will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come and certainly given that the financing will continue for the next four years, they should have a good chance qualifying for Rio 2016.

“That’s something very positive because having basketball grow in this market is something we’ve all been looking forward to.”

The news comes two days after England Basketball and basketballscotland formally signed an agreement with FIBA which, from 2016, will see each affiliate to the world International Federation FIBA through the British Federation and represent internationally as Great Britain.

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