UK Basketball Courts Website Launches -

UK Basketball Courts Website Launches

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Find your local court to enjoy when the weather is like this!

Hoopsfix forum member Andrew Wilson (Andy1008)  yesterday launched his site UK Basketball Courts. It is hoped it will become the number one resource on the web to find local basketball courts to where you are/where you’re going in the UK. The website features an interactive basketball court map, a place to submit your courts, a Twitter account and also a brief description/review of submitted courts.  I think it’s a great idea and if it encourages more people to play basketball, then I’m all for it!

At the moment, it is still in the early stages and really needs you guys to submit any courts you know that are local to you for it to work. So make sure you go check out the website and submit your local basketball courts so we can make this a fully comprehensive guide to UK basketball courts!

Image Credit: The odd Note


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