House of Commons Adjournment Debate on Basketball

House of Commons Debate on Basketball Funding

House of Commons Debate on Basketball FundingIf you missed the House of Commons Adjournment Debate on the British Basketball funding cut on Monday night, it cropped up on YouTube yesterday for your viewing pleasure!

It’s an hour long, but well worth a watch if you’re interested in how basketball is being perceived by people in high places. I wanted to gather a few thoughts on this but am yet to have time, so for now you’ll have to go without!

If you’d prefer, you can also find the full transcription here (H/T to Philip Brown, Chief Political Correspondent for Hoopsfix!).

Let me know what you think in the comments!

  • Tpol

    Thanks for posting this Sam, very insightful!

  • The stats compared to other sports are shocking.

  • Roy

    An extremely interesting debate, with some surprising statistics given relative to funding various sports.

    From Hugh Robertson’s remarks re the strict qualifications demanded by uksport it would seem that it will be extremely difficult to get any increase in funding for GB.

    What was most interesting though were the various comments by Hugh Robertson re the “troubles” experienced by basketball. Reading between the lines he would seem to suggest that the principal factor as to why basketball has not “switched on” is due to the Administration.

    Let’s hope the new chairman can get things going.

    • I’d agree the biggest message I got from it was how much the governance needs sorting out.

      Met with the new independent chair yesterday, and came away extremely optimistic. If he has his way, things will be shaken up before the end of the year. A new governance structure was presented last week, and the feedback so far has been really good.

      I’m feeling good about 2013!

  • Ross

    Wow really is amazing how much other sports are funded compared to us

  • One point I would have liked to have seen Robertson challenged on was where he said that if no funding is granted it’s not the end of the line, if the team could show in the future that they’re able to qualify for Rio/2020. Well how exactly would they go about qualifying without any funding? No funding means no team. That made no sense.

    • I guess he expects them to source other means of income, just as other sports had to when they were cut. There does seem to be an over reliance on government hand outs from basketball – it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have to be like that.

      For me, the biggest issue he should be challenged on is his whole “you have to remember, the system IS working” rant. Yes, the system is working if you want to measure it simply by whether or not we are winning gold medals, but if you want to look at it by a number of other metrics, it clearly is not.

      The UK has the highest obesity rate in Europe – is this the sign of a sporting system/culture that is working? Perhaps one way of helping fix that is funding sports, like basketball (of course, I’m biased), that are accessible and easy to play.

      UK Sport’s black and white, tunnel vision approach to medals at all costs makes me sick. Sport is about so much more than that.

  • Roy

    I guess in all fairness that UK Sport use a different set of guidelines.

    As I said previously, there is an argument as to whether any sport should receive “government” funding at all but should go out in to the market place and attract sponsors and stand on its own two feet.

    As to funding, if it is available, is not Sport England more in line with helping English basketball to develop as opposed to Sport UK?

    The Administration must align itself more with Sport England and the “feud” if that is the right word, between Sport England and the Administration (or at least a part of it) has to come to an end.

    English basketball has lost a small fortune in funding due to this problem.

  • Adam

    Without strong and well funded clubs the national federation will not be able to move the sport forward and compete with the likes of football, rugby and netball. All sports go to the schools and try to recruit kids for their clubs, the difference is of course in what the clubs are able to offer them. Untill the kids stop paying to play basketball, we are going to stay where we are. UK Sport is not responsible for mass participation, fighting obesity, etc. They have been given money to deliver champions and medals, period. And, as much as agree that EB is not great, I don’t see how they can make the clubs better. After all, the players and coaches develop in their club.

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