British Basketball Optimistic Following Informal Representation to UK Sport

Pops Mensah-Bonsu

Pops Mensah-BonsuChairman Roger Moreland has appeared optimistic following British Basketball’s informal representation to UK Sport on Wednesday afternoon, as they begin the process to attempt to get their funding reinstated.

Moreland and Performance Director Chris Spice had 40 minutes to present British Basketball’s case to the government funding body, following the announcement in December that basketball would receive zero funding for the 2016 Olympic cycle. FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann also flew in especially to lend his support.

Speaking to the Guardian following the meeting, Moreland said:

“The panel were engaged and receptive. We’ve been partners together for six years. We presented a robust case. It’s a sport that really is on the up and has such a big talent pool at the 16 to 25 level. There is a golden generation that will miss out if we lose all our funding.

“We’ve gone from the backwaters of the game to playing the very best in the world in six short years. We feel there is more than enough to demonstrate that this sport is worthy of investment. The choice is pretty stark: one which is showing promise or one which is something of a cliff edge.”

It was also revealed that officials from volleyball, wheelchair fencing, triathlon, and wrestling, all put together informal representations to appeal their own funding decisions.

UK Sport has said all bodies can expect a decision on Friday on whether or not they have a case to begin a formal appeal process.

What do you think the likelihood of success is for British Basketball’s case? Let us know in the comments!

  • JM

    They are trying to kill the sport here because people are picking it up especially the kids…

  • Chris Richardson

    I have been involved with basketball in worthing for 30 years with the Bears & now Thunder & there is now a lot of very good home grown players & to stop funding will have a knock on to this sport so we need the funding for now & in the future.

  • Tom

    How is this funding affecting you and your players? Do you receive any grants from British Basketball?

  • Rob

    Because if there are no national teams from u16 upwards, what’s the point of running a competitive programme?

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