BBU Chair Kevin Routledge Talks Funding Cut on Sky Sports

January 26, 2013 7:20 am 2 comments

by Sam Neter

Kevin Routledge British Basketball Funding Sky SportsListen to British Basketball Union Chairman Kevin Routledge say his piece on the recent funding cut for British Basketball in an interview with Sky Sports that was broadcast last week.

Remember, if you haven’t already please go to and sign the petition (and get 10 of your friends to do the same!) to make sure your opinion counts!Also hear from Leicester and GB’s Drew Sullivan and Jamell Anderson:

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  • Anon

    Hey Sam, did they come to you to make the petition or are they just taking the credit for your work. Not that anyone really cares, we’re all on the same team, jw

    • Sam Neter

      Russ Levenston (Riders GM) was actually the one who approached me about a petition/campaign, and though I’d had numerous emails from other people asking me to do something, if it wasn’t for Russ I probably wouldn’t have done it.

      Added to that, if it wasn’t for the Riders support (Kevin included), there’s no way it would have as many names on it as it does. It’s been a collective effort from many (Steve Vear at the Luol Deng Foundation and his team have been instrumental in getting Luol and all the other celebrities – Piers Morgan, Jensen Button etc – tweeting about it yesterday, and tons of other people have done a great job spreading the word through their networks etc).

      I don’t think anyone’s trying to take any credit for anyone’s work – merely pointing to the fact there is a decent amount of people supporting the petition to show they care enough to put their name to something (which was the whole point in setting it up). We want/need people talking about it on platforms such as Sky Sports!

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