England Basketball League Gets New Name

VCARS Basketball League

VCARS Basketball LeagueEngland Basketball have secured a one-year naming rights sponsorship from VCARS.co.uk, a used car sales website, that will see the England Basketball League known as the VCARS.co.uk Basketball League for the 2012-13 season.

In an announcement last week, EB announced that all seven men’s division and four women’s division will now be known as VCARS.co.uk leagues. To go with the announcement, a new logo to represent that leagues was also revealed (left).

“It speaks volumes that VCARS.co.uk has identified England Basketball and its eleven Senior National (EBL) Basketball Leagues to communicate its brand and company values,” enthused Keith Mair, EB’s CEO. “VCARS.co.uk has made a welcome investment and commitment and we look forward to working with them to build and support the basketball community and in return to help promote the VCARS.co.uk business and brand.”

“Through our sponsorship strategy, VCARS.co.uk is committed to investing in sporting participation and what better organisation than England Basketball?” added VCARS.co.uk Director Robert O’Connor. “England Basketball’s Leagues stretch from Newcastle to Southampton and from Bristol to Canterbury, positively impacting the lives of men and women of all ages, sizes, abilities and ethnicities. We are proud to be part of helping England Basketball thrive.”

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.


  • Stu

    Although it’s humorous. It makes sense commercially for EB. We always bang on about the poor facilities and opportunities for youth in this country, hopefully becoming more commercially minded we can bring in more money into EB which can be invested back.

    I think it’s a good thing and it will happen more often when big sponsors start looking at the BBL again like they did when it was on TV all those years ago!!!!

    Nissan Surrey Heat
    Nike London Lions
    Jack Daniels Newcastle Eagles etc


  • Dpeti

    Certainly humorous being sponsored by a second hand company, but certainly any sponsorship must be a good thing.

    Just how much impact it will have will have to be seen and would in any case be dependent upon the financial details which, I doubt, will never be published.

    Hopefully the EB will not waste this sponsorship in the same way that its predecessors, the EBBA, did before them.

    Good to see that Keith Mair is enthused !!!!

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