Footage of Michael Jordan Teaching OJ Mayo a Lesson Emerges! -

Footage of Michael Jordan Teaching OJ Mayo a Lesson Emerges!

Michael-Jordan-vs-OJ-Mayo In a revealing interview to promote the release of NBA 2K14 this week (click here to order your copy! aff), Michael Jordan revealed a story about a time at his camp when then-top high school prospect OJ Mayo started talking trash to him, and as a result he had to teach him a lesson…

Via Larry Brown Sports:

According to Jordan, current Milwaukee Bucks player OJ Mayo attended his basketball camp as a high schooler. Mayo was considered the top high schooler in the country and a player who could make the jump straight to the NBA if the league hadn’t changed its rules. Mayo was feeling cocky and kept trash talking Jordan, so Jordan decided to send his campers to bed so he could play Mayo and teach the young player a lesson.

A tipster who was at the camp emailed LBS to confirm the story.

“When I read the story and saw the MJ interview on your site, I quickly realized I had witnessed and recorded MJ’s story. It was surprising how accurate MJ’s memory was too,” our tipster said.

The video below is recorded from the night Jordan schooled Mayo at his basketball camp at UCSB. Our tipster believes the year was 2006 (Mayo graduated high school in ’07). Our tipster says other players on the court that day included future NBAers Jerryd Bayless, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Jared Dudley, Coby Karl and Julian Wright.

In the video, the first clip is from a game Jordan played in front of the whole camp. After that clip comes four highlights from the game where Jordan taught Mayo the lesson. You can see Jordan beat Mayo in every way possible in the game.

Check it out:Someone over at Bucks TV also got to speak to OJ Mayo about it – here’s his take on what happened:Awesome.

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