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England Basketball Junior Final Fours 2013 Mixtape!

Check out a selection of highlights from the 2013 Junior Final Fours up at the EIS, Sheffield, during the first weekend of May.

Though there weren’t as many highlights as last year, this is the best of what I’ve got and includes a few clips from Under-14s as well (no highlights of U14 winners Cheshire though, unfortunately, due to their games clashing with the older age group games I was filming).

Anyway, check it out!

  • Steve


    • KingJ

      Spud me on dat fam!

  • E

    Bwoy just watched last years highlights …….

  • L

    Dope vid Sam, even with the limited highlights

    • Appreciate that. Not even gonna lie, was disappointed by the lack of highlights.

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  • JB

    Seems like that boy from Peckham tried to put on a show, how old is he?

  • Fan

    There were two guys in U14 Peckham team who showed a degree of potential. One was the guard who undoubtedly has a lot of future potential, given he has a quality coach with whom to work.

    The other was a taller youngster who has to learn not to try and show off but just to play the game. If he does this then he too has a bright future.

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