NBA Fit: Luol Deng’s Training Regime

January 27, 2013

It seems like this was filmed a little while ago, but has only just appeared on YouTube – check out some of the stuff Luol Deng does to staying in shape for the NBA season with his training regime!

Chris Duhon’s Off-Season Exit Testing

October 24, 2012

Los Angeles Laker Chris Duhon goes through a series of basketball-specific biomechanical and objective performance tests at P3, an elite, science-oriented fitness institute, in order to assess his exact physical abilities as a point guard and the effectiveness of their highly-customized off-season program. The NOC documented the whole thing, in detail, to give us a […]

Goran Dragić Intense Beach Workout

September 20, 2012

One thing that people are always after, is exact workouts that NBA players do – sets and rep schemes, exercises etc, and now here is your chance to see. Watch Phoenix Suns’ Point Guard Goran Dragić hits the beach with trainer Tom Vachet for an intensive off-season workout – check out both parts below.

Improvement: The Key to Success

September 11, 2012

Adding to a number of changes the site has seen this summer, I’m excited to introduce the latest addition to the Hoopsfix team, James Dugdale, our strength and conditioning expert! James is one of the UK’s biggest up and coming S & C coaches and will be giving you tips and workouts to get you […]

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