Ryan Richards KILLS Midnight Madness Leeds Qualifier!

Up in Leeds for summer workouts, incredible British talent Ryan Richards showed up at the Midnight Madness Leeds qualifier at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Richards, at a legit 7 feet tall, showed off his unreal skill set, knocking down jumpers out to the three point line, handling the ball, making good passes and adding a couple of dunks for good measure.

Richards has signed with BC Zepter Vienna next season – the same team he won a championship with in 2013.

  • Gremlin

    Legit questions are coming!

    1. Why is this guy not playing for TeamGB?
    2. Has he got a Knee problem with the strapping?
    3. Do the Spurs still care about him?
    4. If he wasn’t the highest scoring player in the MM who the hell was the top guy!!
    5. Great clip as ever bro

    • 1) That’s a question you’ll need to ask GB.
      2) Nothing serious I don’t think, just a little bit of tendonitis.
      3) Not sure how much I can say, but I think it’s obvious that isn’t going as hoped (from both sides).
      4) The highest scoring qualifier from Leeds was Oliver Hylands – the guy with the white shorts/orange stripes in this pic – he’s a work horse.
      5) Thanks man, appreciate it.

  • Robert

    He’s a second round draft pick. Why is he playing in Austria?

    Why won’t he play for GB?

    His career is passing him by!

    • A lot of factors play a role – not always as simple as it seems on the surface, and I think British basketball fans sometimes fail to remember that.

  • LLC#12


    Has he stood by that ridiculous decision then? He hasn’t made a single appearance for Jamaica anyway..

    • As I said earlier – not always as simple as it seems (or as it’s reported by various outlets).

      That whole Jamaica thing was blown way out of proportion (which is a shame, as I see people regularly criticise him for it) – after you’ve represented a country at senior level in FIBA Competition you can’t play for another country anyway…so even if he DID want to play for Jamaica at some point in time he never would’ve been allowed to (unless FIBA offered some sort of special dispensation).

  • oldskoolflava

    what a talent, I have to agree though, wasted

    Come on, it’s not even Spain, or Italy, or Greece.
    Ryan has talent, but either doesn’t care, or is badly advised.
    would be even worse if he was in the BBL

    So what he tore up Midnight Madness, the guy should be in the NBA.
    If Freeland can do it, with far less natural talent then RR should be there

    • neil w

      Remeber this is midnight madness not the acb, where joel freeland had proven himself.

      Ryan richards had been seen the next british star since his mid teens but he hasn’t kicked on for one reason or another.

      Don’t know if he was had some bad advice but there has been some unusual twists in his career so far.

  • Joe

    Natural talent? Freeland was the best big in Europe before he went to the nba. He was wanted by Barca and others! He has as much if not more natural talent if you consider he only started playing at. 15.

  • Morris

    Maybe he though that playing for GB was not his best option. Loyalty is all very well, but it does not necessarily help to (a) improve yourself and (b) ensure you get a decent income in the future.

    Self always comes first, GB second. It’s reality.

    Whether he is right or wrong, only the future will tell.

  • ref

    I’m sure that NBA and top European teams have scouts and are well aware of all the World’s top players, taking into account much more than a couple of highlight clips. Also, Ryan is no doubt intelligent enough to take the best offer for his circumstances in deciding which club to play for, so presumably Vienna is his preferred club.

  • Nick

    Dominates at MM qualifier? Dudes good but the guys guarding him are weak.

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