Deng Makes Final Call to Complete EB Survey


Great Britain and NBA star Luol Deng has made a final call to UK basketball fans to complete England Basketball’s #YouAreBasketball survey to win a trip to see him play in the NBA next season – before the survey is wrapped up this weekend.

“Basketball has given me so much, and by filling in this survey it will help England Basketball give even more kids the chance to enjoy basketball in this country,” Deng said earlier this week.

“We need as many UK ballers as possible to let us know about how and why they play basketball. It doesn’t take that long to fill out and you get the chance to come and see me play in an NBA game next year! It’s a win-win.”

The survey, which has been completed by approximately 2000 people so far, amongst other things is hoping to help find solutions to preventing the large drop off in participation numbers after players leave school.

Despite data showing that 70% of the UK’s basketball players being 25 and under, over 50% being made up of black and ethnic minorities and it being the second largest team sport in England and Wales, England Basketball admits they do not know enough about players, in large part because so much basketball takes place out of a structured club format.

The National Governing Body will examine the results and cross reference with other evidence they have obtained about basketball habits and determine tailored strategies to help grow basketball.

To complete the survey and be in with a chance of being flown out to watch Luol play, click here.

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