Reece Turner Catches Defender Lightweight on the Break!

This isn’t the first time 1996 born Reece Turner has featured on Hoopsfix – you might remember last year when he threw down this disgusting dunk in a school game – well he’s back, this time throwing down lightweight on the defender for Warwickshire Wizards this weekend!

The 6’3″ 1996 born guard finished with 14 points in the win, as the Wizards beat Derby Trailblazers III 62-51.

  • TB

    That’s all he did tho, the other guy had 24 and turner couldn’t stop
    Him for shit!

    • lol if we’re going to go down that (hating) route, then we can just turn it around and say it was Reece’s team that won though, couldn’t we?

      People need to just learn to appreciate a great highlight individual play for what it is!

  • TB

    But if we put the whole game highlights we would see number 6 get bucket after bucket and go buy and cross turner play after play

  • TB

    Plus it wasn’t even really contested

    • Yup

      Reece knocked down 3 after 3 and wasn’t even guarding number 6 half the time, only time he did was when picks got switched

  • TB

    He hit like 3 open 3’s didn’t hit anything when he had d on him, and he tried guarding 6 loads but couldn’t so he left it to someone else Cus he didn’t like getting shown up, turner got 1 dunk and a few
    Open 3’s, 6 was scoring on him whenever he wanted and he scored on anyone else who guarded him just the same, just like he did in all the other games this year, that why he averages 24 a game!

  • Yup

    Well wait til a’s home game, you can’t say Reece didn’t play well just as much as you can’t deny 6 scored well. But as Sam said appreciate the highlight for what it was-a nice play finished with a nice dunk over someone

  • dpeti

    This one of the main problems with comments.

    As soon as a player is mentioned for a great play, whether on offence or defence, immediately others will try and denigrate that player for one reason or another.

    Possibly one reason why, if my son happened to be noticed I would not allow him to be mentioned on any website.

    Let’s just allow the praise and leave it at that. Remember that person may well be reading the comments.

  • ??

    Is that a low rim?

  • Adam

    Dpeti – well said!!

    It can escalate quickly and a parent could take major issue

  • Reece

    looool haters gon’ hate.

  • harry smith

    At the end of the day the dunk wasnt even that good. Hes hyping over nothing cause thats all this reece kid can kind of do he has no other game at all!!

    • dpeti

      Here is a great example of what I was referring to above.

  • ballersuk

    Personally i think you should all be ashamed of yourselves, you are all big MEN and some of you probably have kids of your own, people like you give sport in general a bad name.

  • Adam

    Who are you referring to?

    If I see anyone I know covered on hoopsfix I feel happy for a second and then sit back and wait for the insults to begin!!

    Not good for younger players!

  • ballersuk

    i was referring to the bad comments that were left about a good kid with a good dunk, hoopsfix is a lifeline for many uk ballers having an outlet supporting a sport that gets very little recognition here in the uk and it’s the bad comments like this that give people the justification to take basketball down a very dangerous route when people start slateing people’s kids in this way. All i can say is he’s not the first baller to be dunked on, and he certainly won’t be the last. Dunking is part of the entertainment factor in basketball and while most of us appreciate a good game you will always get the select few that spoil it with derogatory comments, kids like reece should be looking up to these men’s teams, not trying to justify thereselves for playing a good game.

    • Morrus

      Who suggested that this young man was trying to justify himself (if that is what you mean)?

      I am sure he was just enjoying playing the game and was in no way trying to justify himself.

  • maxwell morrison

    we battered that team, great dunk, great highlight play and i’m 100% sure we gonna batter them when we play them again. simple as that.

  • p

    Hahaha chatting shit with a name like maxwell hahaha

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