Josh Steel Serves Up Nasty Poster on Big Man at Solent U18 Tourney!

Check out England U16 and Barking Abbey guard, Josh Steel (1997 born), bringing the highlight of the weekend at the BasketballvsCancer U18 Pre-Season Tournament in Solent – as he gets out on the break and throws down the two handed hammer on the trailing big man!


  • ….

    No need for the taunting. Should of been given a technical. Big lack of sportsmanship and you really shouldn’t be encouraging that with videos like this “and then taunts the defender after”

  • ref

    Hope his coach had words – he could also have been T’d for the pull-up on the rim.

  • Shake my head

    To the two responses before me,

    Stop constantly trying to critique others and let things rock.

    Josh, nice jam. Way to be aggressive my former team mate. I hate the fact that emotion no longer has a place in basketball. Keep balling and good job Hoopsfix, keep advertising British Basketball your doing a great job.

  • Jack

    Jeez if you read the comments before watching the video you’d have thought he moonwalked back on to defence…. Keep that fire man.

  • Peter Dyke

    Emotion is fine but the dunk wasn’t even all that, look at this team mate who basically set the big guy up illegally blocking him from trying to play defence, if that never happened the guy most probably would have been blocked and no dunk so take what u want out of it, but for me an action by the offensive players team mate caused this, maybe a foul there as an illegal block which prevented the offensive player from even playing defence.

    The taunt at the end was what the game is about as it’s emotions but it just ain’t that great to see from young players it wasn’t full on body contact either so in fact he didn’t really do much but dunk and get assistance from his team mate blocking the defender off most of the way. Move could have been a lot better and maybe on the flipside not happened at all…

  • jef

    looool kavell got done OMG HE DROPPED LOOOOOL HAHAHA

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