GB Dominated by Spain in Final Warm-Up

Spain wasted no time putting to rest any questions about their slim victory over Great Britain in the previous game, dominating from start to finish in Game 2, to win 100-46 on Thursday night in Zaragoza.

GB finish their official preparation games with a 1-6 record, riding a six game losing streak into Eurobasket, which begins next week in Slovenia.

“At the end of the day we can’t just accept that we’re a young team,” head coach Joe Prunty said. “My assistant Nate Reinking had a great comment. He said ‘guys, Eurobasket is five games in six nights, you have to be ready to play every night.’

“Spain are the number-two ranked team in the world so I’m not surprised that they can get to that level and give them credit for being as good as they were.”

No player from GB reached double figures, with Andrew Lawrence leading the side with 9 points. Marc Gasol had 17 points in just 20 minutes to lead Spain.

Prunty is expected to announce the final 12 players he will be taking to Slovenia in the coming days.

Box score.

Image Credit: GB Basketball

  • GB is wack

    The stats say it all, we out rebounded took for more shots but had 5 to their 22 assists, 22 turnovers to their 7. A spirited BBL or EBL div 1 team would of competed at the same level as GB today keep beating ourselves. Looked like total amateurs Spain barely broke a sweat.

    Probably be for the best for the programme to collapse and rebuild the right way. Can’t keep spending money without tangible results. Take time build a strategy and see it through thats what I say

    • Calwright

      Funding Team GB should just stop now. Eurobasket will just be a waste of time as there is no path to 2016 or even 2020.

      • Coach z

        British basketball should just stop period lol

  • Jaimie

    Also 2/23 from 3 point range. We couldn’t make anything from outside but continued to jack up shots. The sheer lack of competitiveness from virtually everyone on the GB team was also unacceptable.

  • Sam nettar

    Waste of my evening watching this ..

    • Coach z

      No kidding?!?! Been tryna tell y’all but nooooooo…… I’m troooooolling lol

      • Morris

        Have you paid the £20 and shown Sam thew receipt? Or are you just all talk?

  • lemarko

    Just horrible – reminds me of when England in 80s and 90s were loosing by 50 points to USSR/Russia. Such a shame as had built a competitive programme. But hey, Spain and France would not be as competitive without their best players. We all support our better players to the hilt – pops, luol and joel, but as a junior programme we cannot compete without them. We all know this is probably the last euro finals for a while, perhaps we have seen the best of gb and what a great few years it has been. That said Sam, keep pops street ball videos off the website for now, it grates a little when he could be playing in one of the best champs in the world. Respect to him, there’s nothing personal as he has been a true professional for team gb.

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