Chris Andersen Straight Up Rejects BBC Reporter Live on Air!

In one of the classic reporter clips of the year, check out our main man Chris Mitchell from the BBC getting dealt a very uncooperative Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen live on air…the recovery is just awesome; “And that’s the focus you see, that’s Chris Andersen of the Miami Heat there, having a cup of coffee…”. Amazing.
And just for good measure, if you’re interested in seeing the general perception Americans have towards British people talking basketball…

  • anonymous

    This is retarded, theyre talking about us british like we dont have any kind of knowledge about the world ‘that isn’t british’, when infact americans are the most self centred people in the world. They dont even want to know anything outside of their own country, hence why he claims they are number one, which admittedly may have been said in a joking manner but we all know he meant it deep down…

  • Fan

    I would suggest that the attitude of Andersen is pretty much typical of the majority of NBA players. Have a degree in tiddlywinks, or some such made-up degree, if that is, they did indeed graduate.

    Still, nice to have the money.

  • Coach Gary Maitland

    Should of got a dig in about the 2005 dunk contest.

  • coach z

    This by far is the BEST HOOPSFIX NEWS EVER! it’s all legit and very true

  • Jimmy


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